Senior Competition

While our main function is providing patrolling lifeguards, we recognise that competition is an ideal way to encourage retention of members, building bonds with friends and allows senior members to maintain a level of skill and fitness essential when guarding lives...faster, fitter lifeguards save more lives!

Led by legendary Ironman World Champion, Cory Hutchings, we are proud to have a highly succesful and thriving competition scene in the junior, senior, IRB and masters areas of the club.

Junior Competition

The junior competition squad, called the ‘Ocean’s squad’, caters for kids who are looking for a little bit more than Sunday nippers! Young clubbies enjoy training sessions during the week, holiday training, out of town events, all culminating in the main, 4 day "OCEAN'S" event which is held at Mount Maunganui every year.

The program offers weekday training sessions in the pool, on boards, ocean swimming, body surfing etc with Cory, Michelle Mitchell and the team of experienced athlete coaches.

Weekday training is for 10 to 13 year olds and focuses on racing skills, team building and max fun! The ultimate aim for this group is to attend the Regional and National champs at the end of the season. The Ocean's Squad is open to anyone who is 10 years old and has their 200m swim badge, there is no selection criteria...if you're keen, committed and're in!

Senior Competition

Waikanae boasts a rich history of success in senior sport starting back in 1952 with Jack Griffin's first title won in the ski race, on a home-built ski no less! We have been proud to watch many of our athletes earn selection to the New Zealand Black Fins National teams for both World Champs and ILS Challenges. Spearheaded by head coach Cory, our team of vastly experienced coaches cater for all disciplines within the sport from flags to ski and everything in between. We are proud to have seen Nationals titles across recent years coming in from all areas of racing. Athletes have access to numerous daily sessions right through the summer season and can maintain strength and fitness during the winter months in ski, run and pool swim sessions. 

Sport is a hugely important aspect of club life and, whilst we acknowledge the main focus of lifeguarding, we also recognise that this training provides the perfect environment in which to nurture, develop and hone the lifeguards of the future and is the ideal way to keep lifeguards strong, skilled and fit enough to patrol effectively.

IRB Racing

Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRBs) are an integral part of the patrol equipment used on patrol and predictably, over the decades, training has turned into racing these amazing craft. Our IRB team, under the coaching of Connor Mitchell, has had many successes at National level over the years and now boasts NZ's Top under 23 male team who were also recently selected to race under the NZ flag! The small but incredibly committed team train regularly to keep up their speed and skill which not only makes them super fast on race day but provides us with an awesome team of skilled drivers and crew for patrols and for water safety at community events.

IRB Crewman qualification - fully refreshed lifeguard and financial member of the club.

IRB driver qualification - fully refreshed lifeguard and financial member aged 16+

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